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Bridger Animal Nutrition 2018

​your health food store for pets

A Health Food Store.... for Pets

a subsidiary of Bridger Feeds

Feed Stores

•        USA or Canadian made products
•        Sourceable ingredients
•        Species appropriate formulations
•        Controlled processing
•        Environmentally conscientious practices
•        Montana Feeds when possible
•        Organic Feeds when available
•        Freshness

•        Stuff YOU want & LIKE!

Supplies & more

Feeds & Foods

      Feed Stores and Pet Food In Bozeman

The "non-consumable" products we carry  (aka supplies, toys & hardware) 

are chosen from the most current trade shows in North America and are based on functionality and fun!

We're happy to special order items in so they're just the way you want them!

We also look for hand made/made in Montana goods. We're local and we like to support local.

Lastly, we carry some older products that are tried and true, sometimes items don't need improving, we get that to.

(Like a good old metal curry brush or the original "cat dancer toy"

(both items 20+ yrs old and still great!)

​​ The food products we've selected to carry are based on several criteria, the most important criteria is of course the wellbeing of animals.

Nutrition is a fledgling science and scientists are still learning about different nutrient requirements and synergistic relationships and how these affect organisms short term and long term.

We try to keep up with the current knowledge, and offer the newest items in nutrition that the market can supply given all the rules and regulations enforced by regulating agencies. 

This being said, we will certainly make every effort to keep you informed about what we know and why we choose to carry and not carry certain products.

Other criteria we strive to meet are :


....some of our very best products came to us by recommendations or requests from YOU our fabulous clients!

so if you want us to try to find something,

let us know and we'll get to work!