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*New Horse Feed !

Crypto Aero

all natural, whole & hand crafted

 Personalized animal health &

diet consultations with a certified dietician

available by appointment 

Kris Clawson

Kris oversees day to day operations and warehouse management.

The staff at Bridger Animal Nutrition each have their own stories and journeys with animals, just like you. We are all committed to be caring & compassionate, and help you find the products that will bring the most joy and health to your pets and animals. 

Since Bridger Animal Nutrition is a small independently owned operation, our orders are also small. Why is this worth mentioning? Because this means you get fresher product. It gets rotated frequently and is garaunteed not to have been sitting in some cargo container waiting its chance to sit upon a shelf. Small independly owned also means we have the choice to choose local whenever we can. Other small independent companies are very attractive to us and we love to support Montana made whenever we can!

We believe in team work. We believe in old fashioned neighborly help. Because of these beliefs, over the years we've managed to do some networking that we're happy to share with you like pet sitters, horse trainers, holistic vets, puppy playdate groups, and fun ways to volunteer in our community.

We also believe in giving back.

How we give back:

*All USA Veterans get 10% off their purchases, always.

*We provide free food for certified service..



Where Love  Meets the Science  of Nutrition !

Welcome to Bridger

Animal Nutrition, Bozeman's pet food experts.​ Here you will be able to learn about who we are, what we do, feeds we carry and how we can help you with the health and happiness of your pets,

horses & livestock.

Poultry & other feathered friends
Cats n' Dogs & ​other companions

•        Alternative Allergy Assessments

•        Diet Consultations

•        Establish a plan with your vet, farrier

         & trainer as needed

•        Delivery

•        Frequent Purchase Card

•        Raw Feeding Seminars

•        Free Workshops

•        Chick Days

​​•         Horse Feeds and Nutrition

Horses &
other hooved critters


Carolyn Erwin

Carolyn can help you with pet food orders and selection.


Libby Burr

Libby has been managing the overall health of the business for 17 years, and became owner in 2011

​​​Meet Our Team

Beginning in 1984 Bridger Animal Nutrition was known as Bridger Feeds for 16 years and had an active roll contributing dollars, time & energy to our fairgrounds, animal shelters, and 4-H. In 2010 we became Bridger Feeds Animal NutritionCenter  in an effort to express that we are more than a feed store. We specialize in learning about the fledgling science that is diet & nutrition and strive to offer the most current feed solutions for your animals. As the community and our world changes, so de we. We are now simply Bridger Animal Nutrition and we currently support Heart of the Valley animal Shelter, Stafford Animal Shelter, Gallatin Valley YMCA, and K-9 Care Montana:Dogs for the Wounded Warriors Project.