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Wild Birds

What Birds Eat What?

Wild Bird Seeds And Domestic Bird Feed & Seeds
Wilds birds:

Our Wild Bird Seeds are selected based on the birds that are native to our valley, and also include both fresh and freeze dried meal worms for Montana’s beautiful Blue Birds!

Circle S Wild Bird Blend  (a locally produced economical seed blend)
Lakeland Wild Bird Mix (a premium blend produced here in Montana)

Assorted Wild Delight Specialty Mixes
Porch Deck & Patio Less Mess
Fancy Finch
Song Bird Mix
Raw Peanuts
Stem Millet
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Crushed Sunflower Hearts
Grey Stripped Sunflower Seeds
White Proso Millet
Red Milo
Nyjer Thistle

Domestic Birds:
Bridger Animal Nutrition is happy to special order any of Kaytee’s professional blends in 25 lb bags any time you need them, this provides a cost effective way to feed you aviary friends!

Kaytee Supreme or Forti-diet for: