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The staff at (B.A.N.) opened our eyes to so many more living foods we could feed to our dog! So exciting to know our options are so broad!
                                                                                        - Barb S.
I arrived at the store worried over my Arabian gelding who was reluctant to walk. The staff at Bridger realized just how unlikely this sounded for an Arabian type  horse and suggested that I immediately put the horse in a dry lot in case it was starting to founder. They were absolutely right! Bridger A.N. saved me and my horse weeks of heart-ache, thank you soooo much!    -Charlene S.

After years of feeding what we thought was “the best” dog food out there to our French Brittanies, a new dog entered our family and was not thriving. Libby helped us pick out a food especially for her. She did so well on it that we switched all the dogs to it. We have seen improvements in all the dogs that we didn’t know needed to be made! Energy, attention, recovery, coat color & quality all improved. Excellent knowledgeable service, thank you.  -Ken B.

My beloved Boxer always had loose stools . Libby suggested adding a little tripe gradually to his meals. In a week he had great solid poops, One simple change made a huge difference - J.M.

My kitty was diagnosed with chronic UTI. The staff at Bridger educated me about feeing enough moisture to my cat, changing the litter box around after the infection got managed, and what to feed to prevent  the UTI, and he hasn’t had one now in 7 months and counting. He’s doing so much better, BIG thank you   - Helen R.

I’m an avid raw feeder and like to order by the case. At Bridger I can order in bulk and get a discount because they help split the freight. 

- Sharon. S.

Our lab had terribly oily smelly ears and was on antibiotics on & off for about 3 years. Libby helped us get her diet straightened out, which took months, but now her ears are consistently calm. Very nice.      - Tyler  D. 

I went in today just for dog food and I saw their real of dog coats. I didn't bring my boy with me so I went an addled one of the associates for help with sizing. She told me she had an Aussie too and she knows the struggle. She also told me that if it didn't fit that I could return it if I kept the tags on. We found one that looked like it would be good for barrel chested munchkin- heavily adjustable sides and long enough to reach his tail. It's also water repellent!  :) I brought it home and fit like I dream! I'm sorry I forgot your name but thank you so much for your help!!  -Sarah K

We stopped at Bridger Animal Nutrition to see if there was anything we could do for our 12 year old basset hound Daisy. Daisy had been diagnosed with cancer and was slowly losing weight and eating less and less. I was desperate to find anything to get her eating again to maybe get some more time with Daisy. The very kind and informative gal gave us several food options that she thought would work. We went home and gave it a try. Daisy did start eating a little bit again and we got another month with her. For that I will always be grateful and it started with a stop at Bridger Animal Nutrition. Thanks You.  -Peter M.

I love this place! I have 3 large dogs with food issues. They make great food recommendations and are happy to help in figuring out issues. I also love the dog treat bar where you can buy by the pound your dog's favorite treats. Great service too. When I'm in a hurry they get me in and out in 5 min! -Cora D.

This place has everything! If you have a dog or any other kind of animal, they have high quality, affordable feed, as well as tons of other items. Go check it out! -Renee G.

Thank you to Libby and the team down at Bridger feed for providing my husbands service dog with feed along with being such amazing kind hearted people! The generosity you have shown towards wounded warriors with the K9 Care Montana organization is truly appreciated and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives.  -Holly D.

The land of everything good for dogs... I love this place  :)      -rebecca R

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