We Love to Support local charities!

Some we're currently involved with are:

      Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter                        FFA
      Tiny Tails Rescue                                                    Windhorse
      Stafford Animal Shelter                                           Gallatin Valley YMCA
       K-9 Care Montana                                                   Thrive
       Haven                                                                       4-H         ... and there's quite a few more too

We wish we could help everyone, but sadly it's just not possible. If you're interested in obtaining a sponsorship or donation here's some of our criteria: subject matter must be that of animal of kids.

You must apply via e-mail 4 weeks before your event. Please include a mission statement in your request, what your organization hopes to achieve with the planned event, and finally specifically what you would like. This helps us as the giver organize our time, efforts & inventory greatly. and it will help ensure you get what you're expecting for your big event. 

Good luck, and here's where to send your request:   bridgerfeedsgm@gmail.com