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Assistant Manager: Cady & "Chute"

 “KD" is from Three Forks, Montana just down the road from Bozeman helping her dad on a local ranch calving cows, riding horses, doing daily ranch chores as well as working for his fencing company. She spend nearly 10 years in 4H showing Cattle, Lambs, and Horses. KD has never known a life without animals; growing up with horses, cattle, dogs, cats, lizards, rabbits, chickens, sheep, goats, you name it.  KD started school at MSU for Animal Science and will also be attending Gallatin College this year for Business Management. KD has found a real passion for animal nutrition after starting work at Bridger and she plans on continuing her education in the animal/equine science and nutrition department. She is currently certified in commercial pet food formulations.  Outside of the work place you can find KD on the road at rodeos and barrel races with her 4 performance horses.

If you're interested in joining our team, please call Kris at 586-3026

​​​sales associate & social media manager: Melissa & "Thena"

 From Helena she has had multiple dogs in her life from her beginning. Her love for animals was encouraged by her family. She grew up with small animals like pet rats, hamsters, and guinea pigs, and she was exposed to horses and cows during her frequent visits to her grandparents’ property in Sheridan, Montana. In her early teens, her family moved to a small property to start a hobby farm. Taking advantage of the opportunity, she and her brothers enrolled in dog, goat, pig & poultry 4-H projects.
Melissa is currently pursuing a masters in  Art History at MSU. Realizing that she needed a pet in her life again, in came her new best friend, “Athena.” After looking for a food for Athena that was better than what she could easily find, she stumbled across Bridger Animal Nutrition. She immediately fell in love with the store and the helpfulness of the staff, and she decided to make that where she would  buy Athena’s food as long as they were in Bozeman. When about a year and a half had passed, it worked out that she started working at this store that she had always enjoyed. Now she is one of our most beloved and helpful staff memebers and has a knack for images on our FB page.
Melissa spends most of her down time from study & work  with Athena exploring trails, traveling together and visiting National Parks. 

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A Health Food Store for Pets

​Libby Burr, principal

manager: Kris Clawson & "Elsa", "Bear", "Chili", "CE-CE", "madie"

Kris oversees all the day to day operations and so much more!

Kris was born and raised in Montana. Growing up outside Missoula her love for animals started young at her grandparent’s ranch in Hall. Kris grew up with horses, showing registered Angus cattle in 4-H and competing in Livestock and Meat Judging in FFA. Kris has owned many animals including Angus cattle, dogs, cats, frogs, fish, a guinea pig and a chinchilla. 
She went to college at Montana State University for her animal science degree. After establishing a career in the Meat industry, she decided to pursue her dream of working with animals which led her to Bridger Animal Nutrition. In 2016 she became a certified health coach for people with IIN and continues to study pet nutrition and diet philosophy and has recently gained her certification in raw food for pets.
In her off time, you can find her with her partner, Rob, in the outdoors with their 5 dogs & 4 horses.  They thoroughly enjoy playing English polo with the MSU Polo Club, and Cowboy Polo with the Montana Polo Association.

Kris is available for private diet consultations by appointment!


At Bridger Animal Nutrition, we take our time to get to know you: your concerns, goals, limitations & expectations for the well being of your pets & animals. 


Each living body is a bio-individual. There is no "best food", there's a best fit.  A body wants to be in balance. Balance is achieved through appropriate  diet. 
Balance = strength = health =  longevity

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​Our mission is to be known as your health food store for pets, and be  place you can go for resources in order to create happier pets & animals through good health and diet.

Let food by they medicine.Libby received her BS in Equine Nutrition and a minor in business from Colorado State University in 1993. Personal health challenges  fueled her appetite for learning about  nutrition and diet which she naturally applied to animals with stunning results. She now has a certification as a companion animal dietician, a clinical veterinary nutritionist and certified pet food specialist.  She has written articles for several journals on both equine & companion animal health  and strongly believes in species appropriate feeding. Libby is available for hire to speak to groups, kennels, shelters and classes on species appropriate diets, the pet food industry, how to decipher labels, and raw feeding. After observing how a pet owner's appreciation for proper  nutrition  ignited  a need for diet change in themselves, Libby became a certified Integrated Nutrition  health & diet coach for people. She attends the  Dogs Naturally Raw Round-Up Food Conference annually and volunteers with several local non-profits.

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