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Dry Kibbles:                                                                                 
Eagle Pack

Fussie Cat
Canidae Felidae Formulas
Natural Balance 

Pure Vita
Red Flannel
Solid Gold
Taste of the Wild

Under the Sun

Fromm Gold


How We Choose the Cat Foods We Carry

4 factors

1)Ingredients: We look at the quality and digestibility of the ingredients for the biology of the cat and the ingredient sources of the nutrients.

2)Recipes & Why: In addition to ingredients, it’s important to consider the formula’s foundation and why the formula’s ingredients were chosen.

3)Manufactures & their Reputation: US or Canadian,we prefer to work with companies who care about the quality of the food they make, stand behind it, have a reputation for excellence and are forthright and honest in all their communications.

Recall is a dreaded term to so many pet owners, but they need not be & here’s why. Wouldn’t you rather have a caring conscientious company test its own foods and perform a voluntary re-call and let you know their findings, than feed a food from a company who suspiciously has never been busted?

Recalls = Transparency + Truthfulness =Improvement in Quality

4)Carbon Pawprint: Just as important as quality, so is the environmental and social impact of the foods we choose to carry, and the sustainability of the ingredients.

Bridger Animal Nutrition chooses foods from the thousands of cat foods available in the marketplace. Over the last twenty six years, we’ve developed an approach that evaluates the nutrition and manufacturing of pet foods, and we’ve established relationships with the people who make them.

If you’d ever like to sit down with any of our suppliers inside people for a Q&A, let us know and we’ll make it happen!

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Cat Litters at Bridger Animal Nutrition

The litter in the box can have as much of an impact on a

cat's overall health and behavior as the food he or she eats.

 Below is a list of some of the litters we carry at Bridger Animal Nutrition.

Cat Country        
Premium Choice
Swheat Scoop   
World's Best    

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Dehydration and diet: 

most cats who are fed a diet of dry food don’t drink

enough water to make up for the low moisture content of that food, even though they appear to be drinking plenty. A simple, healthy way to increase your cat’s water consumption is to replace part of its dry diet with a high quality canned food or raw food. Recent veterinary research shows a powerful link in cats between the most common form of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (idiopathic cystitis) and an exclusively dry food diet. The study also found that cats who have already had a feline urinary tract disorder appear much more likely to have a recurrence if they are fed an exclusively dry diet instead of a canned diet.

Raw Diets
Nature's Variety Instinct 
Rad Cat 
Stella & Chewy's
Omas Purrrr


Freeze Dried Diets


Grandma Lucy's


Canned Foods:
Fussie Cat
Natural Balance

Solid Gold
Taste of the Wild
Wellness Pouches
Solid Gold


Feline Natural



Party Animal Organic

Cocolicious Organic