...service animals for Eyes for the Blind, US Vets through K9 Care Montana & the Wounded Warrior Program, and Search & Rescue Dogs for both Bridger Bowl & Big Sky FREE OF CHARGE to their guardians.

Some of our  favorite  helpers for Animal Resources in Bozeman  are:
Good Dog                                        training, behavior & boarding                                      406-570-1743
Paws and People                          training, behavior, & fun classes                                 
Heart of the Valley                       where your best friend is waiting                                
Stafford Animal Shelter              Livingston’s pet’s place of refuge                                
Tiny Tails Rescue                          a place for those too young or too small                     
Montana Horse Sanctuary          a safe haven for horses                                              
Intermountain Therapy Dogs     dogs that visit those in need                                               406-522-7220
K9 Care Montana                          supplying therapy dogs  for US Vets                          

Bozeman Rabbit Resource            for advice with bunnies                                             bozemanrabbitresource.org
Bark City                                         grooming                                                                   406-587-6252
Pretty Paws                                MOBILE grooming                                                          406-995-3695
Dog Town                                        doggy daycare                                                           406-586-3466
Animal House                                dog boarding                                                              406-599-0902
Red Rover Relief                  providing a safe haven for the pets of people caught in domestic violence      RedRover.Org
Kate Watts                                    carbohydrate intolerant horses                                   
P.E.T.S.                                           after hours pet emergency trauma services               406-587-3996

​Montana Therapy Services        hands on physical therapy modalities for dogs & horses  406-404-5600

a subsidiary of Bridger Feeds

March 25th

Natural Nutrition for

Horses Workshop

April 8

Rabbit Project Show!

May 12

HOV Dog Ball

May 20


June ?

​Pet Expo

free educational nutrition Workshops at the HOV dates TBA

A Health Food Store for Pets

Animal Resources in Bozeman


Check out this map to off-leash areas within Bozeman for some good-dog fun!